Appercode — mobile cross-platform managment system (mCMS)
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Appercode application can be created of standard functional and visual modules (without development experience), while the graphic interface can be fully customized by coding XAML-files. If the extension of application by adding functions is required, it can be done by creating additional modules.

Appercode mCMS consists of mobile (client) and cloud (server) parts with the possibility to integrate with external content sources and synchronize data with external information systems.


Mobile part is written in C# and XAML with 100% of common code.

Server part is a cloud service, which enables configuration of applications and content management. Internet connection is only required during the first launch to gain the initial configuration, application can work offline afterwards.

Content can be divided into two parts:

  • Internal content – content stored on Azure Cloud.
  • External content – content stored on external solutions such as Bitrix, SharePoint, etc.

Integration with content stored within external services is carried out through special system extensions, which form the common interface for working with data. If required plugins to other systems can be written using client libraries on .NET, PHP, C++ and Java.

On the client to server transport level HTTP protocol and markup language XML are used.





Native interface

Appercode allows you to create and modify native mobile interfaces from a single codebase. This is done by using the universal "wrapper" around the native controls and translator from XAML to C#.



Speed and performance

The use of native controls on different platforms allows Appercode to provide high speed and excellent performance of applications





Appercode uses SSL-channel networking applications to prevent unauthorized data-loss. The administrator can restrict access to individual users and devices as well as to whole groups.



Features and services

All standard modules can be used as the are or modified for different tasks (for ex. directory, chat, profile element, etc). Device-specific features such as files, geo-location, push-notification, camera, sensors, etc. are also made universal.




Management system

Interface сustomization, connecting and configuring the functional modules, changing the structure of the content and business logic application can be done via a web service.




We use Microsoft technology stack for Appercode developing: C#/.NET, XAML, Xamarin, Windows Azure.





Flexible connection with any enterprise or third-party system. Mobilize your data on servers and devices.



Development environment

You can use a professional development environment Visual Studio for deep APP modifications.



 Large developer community

> 5 mln .NET/С# developers
> 500 000 Xamarin developers
> 500 Appercode developers

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