Appercode — mobile cross-platform managment system (mCMS)
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Appercode.mCMS – a system of developing and managing of mobile applications with fully native and 100% common code between iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Unlike HTML5 solutions

Appercode provides high quality native applications with high speed and performance o interfaces and full access to native featuress of the device.

Unlike application creators

Full interface customization, the ability to change mobile application as easy as HTML code, modify business logic and content structure.

Unlike the professional frameworks

Appercode development is much easier, applications are built up of ready-made functional modules by just one developer instead of 4, reducing the cost of development and support by up to 5 times.


If you want to cover 3 main mobile platforms you have to recruit 3 teams of developers using different programming languages.

As the result – high cost, time-consuming,
difficult to manage the process of design and development of applications.

Most of cross-platform solutions are limited in quality and safety, therefore are rarely used in major projects of “enterprise” level.


Appercode. mCMS can create a blanket solution (up to 100% of common code) for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. The quality of applications is equal to native while costs and time consumption are 3-5 times less.

Appercode developers team is based in Novosibirsk and Academpark. Business representative offices - in Moscow and San Francisco.

This project is supported by Microsoft, Skolkovo, Intel and RVC.

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