Mobile cross-platform
management system
New way for mobile solutions development

Appercode. mCMS can create a blanket solution (up to 100% of common code) for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. The quality of applications is equal to native while costs and time consumption are 3-5 times less.

What is Appercode?
It is a system of development and managment mobile applications
100% common code between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 are compiled into native app
Full interface customization: modify your mobile app as well as the website layout
development in 3-5 times faster and needs only 1 developer for 4 platforms
Examples of implementation and develop products
Startup Village 2013
PLUS forum
SIS 2013
Digital Branding
Codefest 2013
Software people 2013
Appercode opportunities
Appercode provides high quality native applications with high speed and performance o interfaces and full access to native featuress of the device.
Native interface
Appercode allows you to create and modify native mobile interfaces from a single codebase
Speed and performance
The use of native controls on different platforms allows Appercode to provide high speed and excellent performance of applications
Features and services
All standard modules can be used as the are or modified for different tasks (for ex. directory, chat, profile element, etc)
We use Microsoft technology stack for Appercode developing: C#/.NET, XAML, Xamarin, Windows Azure

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